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CV Jan Roslind

Jan Roslind
2300, Copenhagen S, Denmark
Tel: +45 28 21 18 14, e-mail:
Social networks: Linkedin og facebook
Well qualified professional specialising in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and other data warehousing solutions. Recent projects have been in development of user-friendly databases and forecast models for the Danish Ministry of Education, now fully tested and providing robust solutions. The OLAP database is multi-dimensional and flexible and is fully functional as a unique user-friendly and flexible web-based application. Full details can be viewed here http://www.jan-roslind.dk/index-en.html
Equally happy whether working alone or as an effective team member. Skilled in working with complex data to develop new concepts and tools. An ability to relate well to people at all levels has contributed to success in forming business relationships. Proven track record of delivering complex projects on time and within budget. Always keeping abreast of technological developments to provide cutting-edge solutions.
  • Operating systems: VMS 15 years; Linux 2 years; Windows 10 years
  • Oracle 4th generation, 15 years: rdbms; pl/sql; forms; reports etc.
  • SAS 4th generation, 10 years: basic; sql; macro
  • 3rd generation: PL/1 8 years; C 5 years; COBOL 3 years; Pascal 1 year
  • Web: HTML, javascript, Ruby, Rails, Radrails/Aptena Studio (eclipse IDE) and MySql. 1-2 years
1989 to date Danish Ministry of Education working within departments having current responsibility for the Ministry's statistical analysis

Database Developer
Responsible for development and ongoing maintenance of databases including two related major projects developed using Oracle, mod, plsql. For full information please visit the website at http://www.jan-roslind.dk/index-en.html

  • Indicator Database metadata controlled OLAP system with 150,000 users carrying information relating to primary schools or gymnasium marks
  • Web Input Form System metadata controlled web data entry system providing separation of functionality (pl/sql) and layout (html)
1989 to date Danish Ministry of Education
state enterprise owned by Ministry of Education dealing with statistics
2007 to date Freelance IT Consultant with similar responsibilities for continued work on indictor database with similar ongoing responsibilities
2004 - 2006 UNI-C following re-organization of Government Departments acquiring special responsibility for statistical reporting and analysis
Data Warehousing Specialist with responsibility for 5-6 servers used internally and externally. Systems based upon Oracle, SAS, Linux and Windows
  • ongoing responsibility for maintenance and support of databases
  • special responsibility for OLAP relating to Indicator Database
  • management of transfer of systems to new organization
  • continuous improvements and upgrades with online data processing
  • support of operatives responsible for data input
2001 - 2003 Statistics Department
following re-organisation, of Department, newly established and expanded team of 30 responsible only for management of educational statistics
1989 - 2000 IT and Statistical Department
team of 30 responsible for all aspects of IT and statistical reporting
Database developer beginning work on indicator database
  • using Oracle for build of meta-data based applications including indicator database
  • maintenance and improvements to the system over ten year period
  • subsequently developing and launching internet version
  • devising and developing web input form system
1987 - 1988 Metic small import group specializing in sale of HILTI equipment.

Book-keeping Department

Programmer responsible for operation and maintenance of systems
  • maintenance of COBOL system for Company accounts
  • definition of requirement specification and vendor selection for new Pascal system
  • implementation and commissioning of sub-system with statistics
1984 - 1985 Rigshospitalet Copenhagen University Hospital

Part time programmer design and development of a system for purchase, storage and internal distribution
1980 - 1986 University of Copenhagen                    BSc (equivalent)
Computer Science / Cultural sociology
1989 to date A wide range of ongoing technical courses
Date of birth 3 September 1960
Status living with partner
Languages Native speaker of Danish with basic level German and English to conversation level
Interests Keeping fit by regular work-outs at the gym; allotment gardening; reading science fiction; socializing with friends
REFERENCES available upon request

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