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The Web Input form system

The form system is a metadata controlled system for html web forms. All web input form systems in The Ministry of Education are built on top of the form system. In UNI-C the Register of Institutions and the administration of The Indicator Database are built on the form system.

The form system is built on PL/SQL Web Toolkit just like The Indicator Database. - Oracle and pl/sql. The core contains of about 18.000 lines pl/sql code. See as well Techniques under The Indicator Database.

In the system metadata regarding schedules, records, fields and value-lists are typed in. Multi-row and master/detail screen displays are possible in several levels. Default html screen displays are generated from metadata, and these default html screen displays can be replaced by own layouts. That is to say separation of the functionality and layout. Actual field values are merged into html layout via special tags. Furthermore stored pl/sql procedure can be added to validation, dynamic lists and html, extra buttons, changed start-up and much more.

In this way you as a designer are given a lot of database functionality and still you have lots of freedom to design your own screen displays. It is easy to split pl/sql and html work and to add extra functionality.

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