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The Indicator Database is a tool for user-friendly, flexible and fast query in multi-dimensional databases (OLAP):

1)Buttons for drill up and down in data 9)A unique note system with notes on cell level
2)Exchange dimensions (replace rows/columns with ...) 10)Up to 11 dimensions
3)Change levels, e.g. from counties to municipalities 11)Up to 10 levels in each dimension
4)Search 12)Up to 100 mil. lines/cells in each databasee
5)Demarcation 13)Over 100.000 saved presentations
6)Transfer data to excel 14)Unique select of data, often reply within less than one second
7)Save and open presentations 15)All data lie computed and ready for use
8)Integration to books/publications

See as well The Interactive User Manual (flash) for The Indicator Database, made by Lars Liin.

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