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The Indicator Database is 100 % metadata controlled. New data can be entered without coding (Still new data often trigger new ideas). A database can hold from 3 to 11 dimensions, and each dimension can hold up to 9 levels. More likely less. All cells lie finished computed, and in terms of a space consideration normally a database contains max.100 million lines. The database takes up 160 Gb and holds 1.1 billion lines /cells.

The application today is a pure Oracle pl/sql application (27.000 lines code). An Oracle 9i standard edition database, PL/SQL Web Toolkit og MOD_PLSQL. are being used. In the html pages java script is used and a single java applet for graphics.

Shortly told the technique is as follows: Each user action is translated to call of a stored procedure (pl/sql). The procedure is updated from the last user context in the database, reads the new indicators and returns html page to the user with new data and new actions. The user context is saved in the database and context is used again across the user sessions, and so the writing to the database is minimized.

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