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What administration are concerned the following improvements might come in handy:

1) Web interface for loading and maintenance of metadata and data. To a certain extend this already exits, but it has to be completed. E.g. OLAP web hosting. In this way the companies don't have to invest in servers, software and consulting services.
2) Import/export utilities from/to sas/mddb, pivot tables, cubes and similar. Interface for sas metadata/consol. In this way cubes are moved easier, and other tools are being used, when new databases are made.

About the user interface the following improvements may be considered:

3) Drag & drop in stead of "Replace x with y" select lists. This would lead to a more intuitive approach to design and change of presentations.
4) Random sub-classification of rows and columns. Today you can only sub-classify either rows or columns with a single extra dimension.
5) Depended and in-depended drill/limitation at sub-classification of rows and columns. For instance opportunity to show sex segregation for specific years in stead of either /or - as it is today.
6) Severe reduction of numbers of dimensions/databases, and the possibility to take the starting point in dimensions in stead of databases. This would make design and load of the databases easier and give the user the opportunity to choose dimensions to and fro - starting with the dimensions and afterwards see which data (bases) and indicators (surf in the database) are to be found.
7) Improved integration between html pages and The Indicator Database. Replace gif tables in statistic pages with a dynamical included column (now via excel and word templates). Can be used for simple table-entrance by many users, who have no use in seeing the database-functionality. May be implemented via en web service, so that data select and table-design are separated (style). This would give firms and schools an opportunity to use their own table-design.
8) Server-side generated graphics and geographical maps. For the moment graphics are only shown via a java applet, whish is very heavy as it takes download from a java engine with a certain version.
9) Better print. Tables larger than one page must be imposed with headlines. This is especially a problem for tables with a large numbers of columns.
10) Saving presentations should be easier. At the present username or email login is necessary. Also it should be possible to save presentations without login - a kind of bookmark function.

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